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        1. Product Display

          About us


          TIANLI (FUJIAN) SANITARY-WARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, established in 1997, focuses on the research and production of drainage system and control technology of domestic sewage and rainwater. Its products cover sink drainage system, basin waste kit, shower waste, bathtub waste, floor drainer, toilet shifter, urinal drainage system, laundry sink drainage system and other accessories such as colander, chopping board, plastic tray, etc.TIANLI is a national high-tech enterprise with collection of R&D, production, sales, trade and service as a whole.

          TIANLI takes the lead in investment of millions of dollars to establish automatic production workshops of injection,blow molding, punching and drawing, hot extrusion, polishing, cleaning, machining and packing. Its production capability and automatic production level becomes leading in global same industry.

          Through high product quality and good service, TIANLI becomes the joint issuing company of Chinese Kitchen Drainage System Standard, innovative pilot enterprises in FUJIAN province,leading enterprise of science & technology little giant of FUJIAN province, a high-tech enterprise of FUJIAN province and Fujian Province "Specialized Special New'' Small and Medium Enterprises、Fujian Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise、R&D center of drainage system in same floor of QUANTZHOU city.

          Strength Advantage


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